Tempa-dot Disposable Thermometer Non-sterile Bx/100

Non-sterile * Single-use Clinical Thermometer * Individually Wrapped * For The Prevention Of Cross-contamination That Can Expose Patients To Infections Such As C. Difficile Mrsa Norovirus Rotavirus And Other Infections That Are Easily Spread Through Casual Person-to-person And Object-to-person Contact * These Thermometers Circumvent This Risk By Providing A Clean Non-sterile Instrument That Is Used With A Single Patient And Then Discarded * Highly Accurate * Each Of The Dots Has Its Own Formulated Temperature Point That Fires At A Specific Temperature - When A Dot Fires Its Color Changes From Brown To Blue - The Number Of Dots That Fire Is Dependent Upon The Patients Temperature * The Last Blue Dot Provides The Accurate Temperature Reading * Can Be Used Orally Or Axillary (it Is Important To Remember That Axillary Temperature Readings Are Routinely Lower Than Corresponding Oral Temperature Readings) * Box Of 100 * Fahrenheit Scale * Instructions: Unwrap The Thermometer And Place In The Mouth Under The Tongue Into Either Heat Pocket For 60 Seconds Read The Temperature By Looking At The Last Blue Dot And Discard After Use * Flown On Board All Nasa Space Shuttles *