Seal-tight Shield (pk-5) Dressing & Wound Protector

Disposable Seal-tight Shield Patches Are A Secondary Or Supplemental Dressing That Allows Patients To Shower While Keeping Wound Sites Or Surgical Dressings Dry * Seal-tight Shield Fills Need For Site Specific Moisture Protection * Easy To Apply And Remove Seal-tight Shield Is Made Of Transparent Film Permitting View Of Wound Or Bandage To Be Covered * 5 X 8 Size Provides 3 X 6 Coverage Area * Design Features Paper Release Liner With Medical Grade Adhesive Located Around Perimeter Of Patch * Release Tab Allows Easy Removal Following Showering * Use For Dressings Infusion Ostomy Catheters Biopsies Or Laparascopic Procedures * Latex-free * 5/pkg