Imak Smart Glove Small Each

Fits Knuckle Width Up To 3-1/4 * The Patented Imak Smartglove Helps Prevent And Relieve Wrist Pain Including Carpal Tunnel Syndrome * The Smartglove Encourages The Hand And Wrist To Remain In A Neutral Position During Work * It Features Flexible Support For Full Use Of The Hand And Breathable Cotton Lycra For All Day Comfort * The Ergobeads Pad Located On The Underside Of The Wrist Cushions And Protects * Helps Prevent And Relieve Carpal Tunnel Syndrome * Increases Comfort And Circulation * Ensures Ergonomically Correct Wrist Position * Cushions And Protects The Underside Of The Wrist Including The Pisiform Bone * Reversible To Fit Left Or Right Hand