Dress E-z Dressing Aid 24 W-shoehorn

24 Long * Versatile Push-pull S-hook With Non-slip Cap Allows For Better Control When Handling Clothing * Smooth And Rounded Push Hook Slides Safely Along Skin * Big Soft Foam Handle * Inside Shaft Is Resilient Plastic Which Will Flex If Accidentally Sat On Or Stepped On * Durable And Long Lasting * The Very Economical Price Is Less Than The Traditional Stick And Shoehorn * The Dressez Can Reach Clothes Hangers From Clothing Rods High In Closets As Well As Pick Up Clothing From The Floor Or Reach Shoes From Under The Bed * Help Pull On Clothes After Surgery * The Shoehorn Is Narrow Enough For Dress Shoes * The S-hook Helps To Put On And Take Off Socks Too * Lightweight - This 24 Model Weighs 4.4oz (124g) *